The first season in Antarctica

Unique insights: My first season as an expedition photographer in Antarctica The transition from the majestic mountains of the Himalayas to the icy wilderness of Antarctica was a fascinating step in my photographic adventure. Shortly after my expedition in the Himalayas, my next destination took me directly to the icy south, where I worked as an expedition photographer for two months. The trip to Antarctica was not only a unique experience, but also an educational one that will leave a […]

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The summit bid

Last summer, I had the opportunity to explore the breathtaking Mont Blanc massif with British filmmaker Michael Shaw. Our mission was not only to capture the majestic landscape, but also to showcase the sustainable mountain clothing that accompanied us on our adventures. In collaboration with the English company “The Summit Bid”, we not only climbed the peaks, but also gained an insight into their environmentally friendly approach to outdoor clothing. The journey begins – Mont Blanc adventure with The Summit […]

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