May 2024

Wedding Felicitas & Danilo

Hochzeit Felicitas & Danilo 24. Mai 2024 In addition to the many trips and documentaries I’ve been able to do in the last six months, weddings still have a very special appeal for me. I love capturing the emotions and feelings of this special day and telling a story with my pictures. I was therefore particularly excited about the civil wedding of Felicitas and Danilo in Pfäffikon. On a slightly cloudy day I was allowed to accompany the wedding of […]

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My presentations in Germany: Adventures in the Himalayas and Antarctica

Meine Präsentationen in Deutschland: Abenteuer im Himalaya und Antarktis 14. Mai 2024 I recently had the opportunity to give presentations in Germany about my last six months. These events gave me the opportunity to share my experiences and adventures while having a positive impact on the communities I visited. My presentations revolved around two central themes: my trip to the Himalayas and my 3.5 months as an expedition photographer in Antarctica. The trip to the Himalayas was particularly meaningful as […]

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