About Me

About Me

Max Unterharnscheidt

"Photography for me is the art of telling a story with my images and capturing precious moments and emotions"

Photography has captured my heart and ignited my passion. With each shot, I feel alive because it allows me to capture moments and tell stories. The fascination for photography has accompanied me professionally for 17 years now and has led me to look at the world through the lens. The play of light and shadow, the magic of the moment – all this has inspired me to always evolve and share my vision with others. Each image is a unique way to evoke emotions and capture the great moments.

Excerpt of my last projects


Photography has been my passion and profession for 17 years. Unfortunately, I can't count how many times I've pressed the shutter and how many brands and clients I've worked with. I am grateful for each and every one and would not want to miss any of these experiences.


Marketing & websites were always a big topic for me as a former self-employed person. So in 2016 I founded a small agency in Lüdenscheid with which we looked after customers in a wide variety of areas. 2021 I was employed in marketing at the Sportklink Lüdenscheid. Here my main focus was on photography and videography and I was able to be present at several operations with the camera. I also work in Switzerland as Digital Manager for Engadin Mountains.


Lecturer photography
Image & Video Editing
Drone pilot ( licensed )

Upcoming Projects

Outdoor / Mountains

From the very beginning of my photographic career, I was always drawn out into nature and landscapes were always a big part of my work. Whether it was incorporating people into nature or various photographic projects from Yosemite National Park to the Scottish Highlands or even various outdoor photography workshops with associated hiking trips that I have led.

In the meantime, I combine my projects with sporting challenges of the mountain worlds. Here is a small list of upcoming projects in 2023.

  • Ascent Piz Palü 3900 meters - July 2023
  • Ascent Piz Buin 3312 meters - July 2023
  • Extension Course High Altitude Tours in Austria - July 2023
  • Ascent Mont Blanc 4807 meters - August 2023
  • Trekking Himalaya and climbing Phoklade (5806 meters) and Island Peak (6189 meters) together with sustainable filmmaker Michael Shaw www.michael-shaw.com

In addition, there are some competitions in trail running and a trekking trip through the Swiss Alps. It's going to be an exciting photographic year that I'm really looking forward to.

Outdoor experience

Creative Solutions

I have worked as a photographer on hiking adventures in Germany and given workshops in nature, light painting and night photography.
In my current home, the Swiss Alps, I have led several winter and summer tours for private clients.

Expeditions Training

A professional expedition training in the Monte Rosa massif including crevasse rescue at high altitude and the ascent of some of the 4.000m peaks with Furtenbach Adventures.
Of course, the camera was not missing here either.

Avalanche course

Taught by IFMGA guides from the
Mountaineering School
who will be present during the
Backcountry weeks in the Engadine, where I learned a lot about avalanche hazards and rescue.

Crevasse rescue course

Safety in the mountain always has the highest priority. Unfortunately, not all dangers are always obvious or influenceable. Therefore, the preparation plays a big role and to expand my knowledge I participated in a specially designed crevasse rescue course in Austria.


Not only the mountain world is fascinating. For upcoming projects I have decided to take the german sport boat license (SBF See) at the
sailing school Hemmenhofen
. A blog entry with a photo reportage will follow.