The shepherd of Sils

The shepherd of Sils

At the beginning of the summer season, in July 2022, I picked up Alex at your work, then at the middle station of Corvatsch. We wanted to take some great pictures while hiking down into the valley. Unfortunately, a small storm front came up and got in the way of our shooting ideas, so we “jogged” down into the valley.

As it unfortunately had to come, Alex slipped on a root and tore the outer ligaments in his foot and to make matters worse, the thunderstorm was approaching. Not far from us was an alpine hut. We decided to go there and asked if we could shelter there until the end of the thunderstorm.

It was here that I first met Jules, a true Berliner and the shepherd of Sils in the Engadine.

To thank them for saving me, a few weeks later I hiked up to the mountain pasture again, with two bottles of red wine in my luggage.

A great friendship developed with many great evenings around the campfire on the Alp Prasüra and some joint hikes in the Engadin.

The Alm/Alp culture is still very important in Switzerland and is celebrated with many traditions, such as the celebration of the Almabtrieb. At least I can say that this summer I learned a lot about this culture, cows and the duties of a shepherd.

An exciting and varied job. From the fencing of a whole mountain, the production of delicious homemade alpine cheese, finding the cows on the mountain, to the drive down, I was allowed to be there.

Of course, the camera was often with me and so some beautiful memories of a wonderful summer here with us in the Engadine were created.

On the pictures you will find Jonny, an incredible shepherd dog, who unfortunately spent his last summer on the alp this year and has passed away at the proud age of 15 years – it was great to meet you.

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