FIS Aerials World Cup

FIS Aerials World Cup

The picturesque alpine village of St. Moritz recently hosted one of the most exciting sporting events on snow: the FIS Aerial Freestyle World Cup 2023. As a lucky photographer on the final day, I was able to witness the breathtaking spectacle as the athletes defied gravity with their incredible jumps. Join me as we relive the incredible moments that unfolded at this high-flying event.

St. Moritz, known for its world-class skiing and breathtaking natural beauty, provided the perfect backdrop for the FIS Aerial Freestyle World Cup. The annual event attracts the crème de la crème of aerial freestyle skiers from around the world, all aiming for the coveted title and trying to push the limits of what is physically possible.

The discipline of Aerial Freestyle requires an extraordinary combination of strength, agility and fearlessness. Athletes launch themselves into the air from a high ramp, perform a series of acrobatic maneuvers, and land with the utmost precision on a steeply sloping landing strip. The grace and precision displayed by these athletes are simply remarkable.

The final day of the FIS Aerial Freestyle World Cup in St. Moritz was a day to remember. While the sun bathed the snow-covered peaks in golden light, tension was in the air. I positioned myself strategically with my camera in hand, ready to capture the moments of pure artistry that were about to unfold.

The athletes approached the ramp with unwavering concentration, their hearts beating in unison with the adrenaline coursing through their veins. As they rose into the air, time seemed to stand still, allowing for breathtaking displays of athleticism. The crowd collectively held its breath as it witnessed the perfect combination of boldness and grace.

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